Debbie Sera, M.A.
• Soul Centered Life Coach
• Somatic Emotional Release
• Spiritual Healer/Intuitive
• Advanced CranioSacral Therapist
• Speaker


Debbie’s kind and genuine spirit transforms the stressors in my daily life into a peaceful sense of being. Having never had CranioSacral before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after just one session I was hooked. Her gifts are evident, and I never leave her table without a great sense of calm.

You have helped me purge my body of many internal stressors. I never leave your table without feeling a great sense of calm and peacefulness. Love that.

You have been an advocate for my career transition, and a constant source of encouragement.
- KS, San Jose CA


Debbie is very gifted. I highly recommend her to others in helping go deep into one's self for the answers and healing available.
- GC, Aptos, CA


There are many healers and counselors, especially in Central Oregon for some reason, and it becomes difficult to sort them out. I personally am attracted to those that have professional training, success stories and great results. I found all of those attributes in Debbie. I have used her services on all the levels she speaks about and have found them all to be thorough, non-obtrusive and successful. I highly recommend you contact Debbie for a session - you certainly will be guided as to which of her services, if not all, will work for you. Namaste!!
- LB, Bend, OR


Debbie Sera is a true healer in its most authentic form. She is kind, loving, and truthful. She will do whatever it takes to assist her clients, yet at the same time work hard to make sure that they are independent and strong and able to take what she says and move on to their own healing. Her ability to connect with guides is strong AND she is pragmatic in the way that she will give us techniques so that we are able to get the guidance by ourselves.

She is encouraging and continually lets her clients know that you can do this. I found her reading authentic, and deep as well as accurate.

I am so grateful that she is in my life.

Gratitude to you..Blessings and light always.
- SB, Portland, OR


With eighteen years of basic and advanced training in multiple bodywork modalities, her conscientious intention to provide a safe emotional environment, and her deeply intuitive ability to help the client find, address, and release areas in need of loving attention, Debbie Sera is an extremely gifted and effective therapist and energy worker. She is kind, compassionate, and committed to providing her clients with the support they need on their journey to greater well-being. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

- Connie, Bay Area, CA


Debbie's work is the culmination of high level intuition, banked by years of hands-on experience with notable success in many venues. She is a dream therapist, who listens with her head, hands & heart, and follows Guidance in all matters, personal and professional. You get the very best possible in a session with Debbie! I highly recommend her work!

- KF, San Jose, CA



Soul Centered Life Coach - Bend, Oregon
An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.

- Buddha

Debbie Sera, M.A.
Bend, OR

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