Debbie Sera, M.A.
• Soul Centered Life Coach
• Somatic Emotional Release
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Healing from Dis-Ease is a Facebook Group that I started in 2017. It has always been my dream to reach out to thousands of people to share my gifts and intuition on how the body, mind and spirit work together.

Over the past 20 years I have worked with thousands of individuals who where guided to me for their own unique challenges with their bodies. I have shared their journey with pain, cancer, numerous other illnesses, depression, death, divorce, loss of self esteem, self worth and other Dis-Eases. Each body with a different journey.

The Group Healing From Dis-Ease found on Facebook, is my dream I have had for many years. The dream to reach people throughout the states, sharing and teaching knowledge that will assist individuals in connecting with their higher self so they may have the ability to heal themselves from Dis-Ease before it becomes disease. If you would like to donate to the dream, it will be received with heartfelt gratitude.

Namaste - the divine in me sees and acknowledges the divine in you.


Time With Debbie

You have done a lot of your own inner work and know that you are ready for a change in your life. You are considering some coaching or would love to work at a deep level in healing your body, mind or spirit. I want to acknowledge you for taking that step, the step into the reality that you are choosing to live your life differently, a life where you are connected with your Authentic Self,and you are choosing to live your life's purpose. We will work as a team for releasing what is for your highest good. We will work together by phone or you may choose a mini intensive where we work in person together for one or two full days together. Lets talk. No charge for informational appointment, its my gift to you to assist you on your journey of healing from Dis-Ease.




Please contact me to schedule a confidential conversation of how you and I can work together to make yours the life you want!


If you or a group you belong is seeking a Speaker on Health, Body, MInd and Spirit Connection please message me.

CranioSacral Therapy | Somatic Emotional Release, Soul Centered Life Coach Bend, OregonTestimonial

With eighteen years of basic and advanced training in multiple bodywork modalities, her conscientious intention to provide a safe emotional environment, and her deeply intuitive ability to help the client find, address, and release areas in need of loving attention, Debbie Sera, M.A. is an extremely gifted and effective therapist and energy worker. She is kind, compassionate, and committed to providing her clients with the support they need on their journey to greater well-being. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
- Connie S.

Debbie Sera, M.A.
Bend, OR

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• Soul Centered Life Coach • Somatic Emotional Release • Spiritual Healer/Intuitive • Advanced CranioSacral Therapist • Speaker
Bend, OR

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